Basement Progress

Basement Progress 01

So, basements are fun! If weird and creepy are your idea of fun, that is. The back storage room in our basement was originally a garage, but was blocked off at some point when the newer garage was added. Whoever lived here really hated removing doors, because the garage door to nowhere covers a 3-ish foot gap between the new garage foundation wall and the old garage ceiling. Great job?

Douglas and I spent our Saturday afternoon emptying and cleaning the old garage in preparation for a little facelift. It’s a just a storage room, but we’d like to get it in a little better shape before we start using it to house our stuff.

See that cast iron pipe on the left? That’s the clean out on our sewer-line, and there was some (ok, a lot) of brownish splatter on the wall around it. I know it wasn’t dirt, you know it wasn’t dirt, but let’s just call it dirt. I had the special job of cleaning the dirt off of the wall with bleach and elbow length gloves while Douglas did most of the other cleaning. There were about a thousand drywall nails in the ceiling, so he had a great time too!

Now that everything is cleaned and all the loose paint has been scraped off, we need to fill all the floor/wall cracks and do one last chemical scrub to prep the surface for waterproofing paint. Here’s the world’s fanciest mockup of what life will be like once this kind-of-boring project is done:

No more door to nowhere!

There’s not much glamour in painting a basement storage room, but functionality-wise it’s going to make a big difference here in Miltonland. Stay tuned.

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