Burbank Bathroom – Before & After

To be perfectly honest, the Burbank house bathroom was disgusting. The idea that people had been using it in this state made me sad. And grossed out. And sad. There were a lot of bandaid repairs and really questionable DIY “fixes” that were basically falling off of the wall, so it was something that we had to address before we moved into the house. We knew we wanted to completely redo it at some point, but we did a phase 1 update so it was usable while we saved up for a future update.

Tile around the tub falling off the wall… nice!
Defunct tiny shower
Original (filthy) bathtub!

Besides endless cleaning and a coat of paint on everything, one of the things we immediately had to address was the tile on the tub surround. The tile (which can be seen falling off the wall in the pictures above) was a really great 1970s-ish tile that looked dirty no matter how much you cleaned it, and only went up half of the wall. Not ideal. The solution? Subway tile! 

Look how happy I was! So young! So naive to how many hours of tiling were in my future!

Once everything was not disgusting, we moved into the house and started saving up / planning the bathroom overhaul. I knew I wanted to keep the tub, but pretty much everything else had to go.

One summer day in the middle of July (with no central air), I started chipping off the 1970s floor tile. It was surprisingly easy and pretty enjoyable. The fun thing about really terrible DIY projects, is a lot of them are easy to remove. I knew the original tile was underneath the always-dirty-looking blue tile, but I wasn’t sure what to expect besides blue and pink (like the shower tile)


Look at that cute border! There was a crack in the middle of the floor, which I assume is why it was covered up in the first place, but this tile was so much more appropriate for the age of the house! With that in mind I set out to finalize my design plan. Hank helped!

Unfortunately I don’t have very many “in progress” images of the bathroom update, so let’s just jump to the good part. My greatest DIY achievement!

1930s bathroom update
1930s bathroom update

So. Much. Better.


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