Dining Room Update – Installing a Salvaged Built-in Cabinet

Burbank Dining Room

The Burbank dining room was by far the easiest room in the house. It had the same cute coved ceilings as the living room, and really only needed to be cleaned up, painted, and to have the floors refinished.

Burbank Dining Room Before

You can’t really see it in the before photos, but the floors in the dining room were the worst in the house. There had definitely been some sort of leak that did a lot of surface damage, but it was nothing that a sanding and refinishing couldn’t take care of.

Besides the ceilings the room had a couple of cute features. The original chair rail that had been painted 10,000 times was still there, as well as a now defunct but very pretty heating vent. Both of those stayed, but the room didn’t have much else going on.

Enter: the built-in idea!

The room had plenty of space for a dining table, but there wasn’t room for any additional storage. I started looking for a small cabinet on Craigslist and eventually stumbled across 2 built-in cabinets that had been torn out of a 1939 house in the valley. At $175 for the pair I couldn’t pass them up, even if they had the world’s WORST faux finish. Seriously, I have no idea what they were going for with this crap.

Renting a truck would have been too practical/easy, so I transported 1 cabinet at a time in the back of my hatchback.


 Back to this faux finish…

Installing a Salvaged Built-In Cabinet - Before

What were they going for? Poop smeared on yellow? Doug wasn’t very impressed with my so-called “amazing Craigslist deal” but he loves me, so he let me bring it in the house.

The installation process was pretty straightforward. I use an oscillating tool to cut out the chair rail in the corner, and fastened the built-in into the studs. Caulk around the edges and a coat of paint were all it needed to look like it had been there all along! I even included a rude note that anyone who decides to remove my built-in can find and be offended by (if that day ever comes.)

Burbank Dining Room

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