Hallway Plans

Are there people out there who don’t mind when doors collide due to bad placement? Do you exist? That’s the only reason I can think of as to why our floor plan / door placement is so weird. We want to make other changes to the floor plan, but for now we’re focusing on the back hallway and the adjoining closets and rooms. I created some acurate-ish layouts to show what we’re planning to do.

Our master bedroom is an addition, which means that someone went through the trouble of adding a giant two story structure, but couldn’t be bothered to move the master bathroom door. Really? Didn’t feel like building a wall to separate the hallway from the old master bedroom either? Ok!

Hallway floor plan

For me, the most exciting change is that we’re going to be moving the laundry upstairs into the old master bedroom’s closet. The closet is pretty large, so we’re going to split it into two spaces: one for laundry and one for cats (more on being married to a crazy cat gentleman later.) We’re also relocating the master bathroom door to the master bedroom and re-building the full wall of master bedroom closets.

closet picture
OMG I hate it!

I’m not sure if it’s normal to hate a closet, but I really, really hate our bedroom closets. Cheap doors, impossible to access overhead cabinets, vanity-thing in the middle that you can’t set anything on otherwise the drawers are blocked, ugly… sigh. So out it goes! I have no doubt that Douglas is really happy to know that some day he wont have to listen to me go on and on about how much I hate this closet. That fact alone probably justifies the cost of the whole project!

Hallway floor plan

We may still make a few tweaks, but the new floor plan is going to function so much better than what we started with! First of all, we’ll be adding an official 4th bedroom (wall! doors! closet!) which will help us gain some equity in our home. Second of all, we eliminated one of the door collisions by moving the bathroom door and installing a pocket door! (Note: I’m still on the fence as to whether or not we should reverse the swing on the master bedroom door… it would make it easier to access the bathroom, but then you sort of enter into a corner which is maybe weird? For now, that’s a problem for another day.) We’ll also be building a standard depth closet with sliding doors in our master bedroom, and installing bi-fold doors in the new laundry/cat closets to avoid blocking off the hallway.

So that’s where to plan stands right now! We’re currently getting bids from contractors to see what we can afford to farm out and what we’re going to do ourselves. I can’t wait to get started! Death to ugly closets!!

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