Living Room Plan

Living Room Plan

The living room is one of the only spaces in the house that isn’t getting a major update. Besides the divider by the front door that I removed right after I moved in (it was a fire-hazard due to some awful wiring choices) there won’t be any structural / layout changes in here. You can see where we started below. Is it the worst room I’ve ever seen? No. Could it use some character? Yes!

Living Room original photos
Please excuse the random treadmill that was the only thing occupying the house when we looked at it.

The room is a little narrower than I’d prefer, and there are a lot of doorways and windows that are limiting our layout options, but it gets nice light. When we first looked at the house, I’d initially hoped to refinish the floors and call it a day. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans. The floors were really, really gappy, which was a nightmare in a house with lots of fur babies, and based on some chemicals that I found in the front closet, and the fact that the wood around the front door wouldn’t take any stain, it seems that at some point someone’s solution to water damage was to use exterior water proofing solution (you read that correctly) on the area around the front door. After exploring our options we decided to give laminate a try, so this summer I went ahead and installed this laminate flooring. So far it’s held up really well to everything we’ve thrown at it.

Besides the flooring, recessed lighting and new paint, the biggest change we have planned for the room is to beef up the moulding and to add casing to the opening to the dining room. I’m 99% sure that we’ve decided on which trim we’ll be using for the house, so that’s next up on our project list. I’m calling it craftsman-light, since our house is a 60s rectangle and wont ever be convincingly craftsman. We’ll also be replacing the front door and I’d like to replace the big picture window with 3 double hung windows at some point.

So here’s the current plan (drumroll, please):

Living Room Plan

We’re trying to figure out what furniture from the last house will work in this house. We saved up after our wedding to buy the Davis sectional, storage ottoman and chair and a half from Crate and Barrel, so we’re trying to make those work. We also already have 2 Lane Acclaim side tables and the Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet by the front door, so fingers crossed that those work as well. The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Moonshine and the trim will be BM Simply White. I tend to stick with neutral (read: black/white/grey) paint colors, but I’m getting crazy and planning on doing a navy door to accent the rug and gold accents throughout the rest of the room. So far BM’s Hale Navy is the front runner in blue-land.

So that’s the living room plan as it stands right now! My goal is to get started on the trim in the next couple of weeks so we can have at least one finished room before everything else turns into complete chaos. Fingers crossed!

Living room to-do list:
Install laminate flooring
Paint walls/ceiling
Install recessed lighting & ceiling fan
New front door
New front window
Crown moulding
Door/window trim
Case opening to dining room

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