Master Bathroom – Finishing the Tile

Master bathroom update! Just to catch everyone up, I started working on the master bathroom earlier this year (pre-blog) because it seemed more do-able when there was only one Milton living in the PA house. I got to the point where I needed power tools and two sets of hands to wrap everything up, so the project has been on hold for a while and I’ve been using the half-finished bathroom to get ready every day. Glamorous, I know!

When we bought the house the master bathroom was basically bad coverup central. The only original item left was the tiny pink bathtub had been painted white (but wasn’t prepped at all so the paint was peeling like crazy,) the world’s worst vinyl surround had been put up to replace the original tile, cheap peel-n-stick linoleum was covering up the stains from the leaky toilet (barf,) the tile wainscoting was removed but not replaced so there were 2 different wall textures, and the vanity plumbing was leaking into the cabinet. Not to mention the fact that the master bathroom was no longer attached to the master bedroom since they didn’t bother to move the door when they added the new master bedroom on to the house.

Since moving in I’ve stripped the tub to reveal it’s original pink glory, removed the vinyl surround (in approximately 2 minutes since it was basically taped to the wall,) tiled the shower, tiled the floor, replaced the toilet, installed a new vanity and relocated the doorway. 2017’s top priority will be finishing up this bathroom project! Here are a few in-progress photos:

Bathroom Progress 01
This is what happens when on a whim you decide to see how firmly the vinyl surround is attached to the wall. Please note that there is almost no adhesive residue since there was almost no adhesive holding it to the wall.
Bathroom Progress 02
Rough plumbing and a new tile niche!
Bathroom Progress 03
Bathroom Progress 04
Once I couldn’t peel the paint off by hand, I brought in the big guns. Citristrip!
Bathroom Progress 05
I’m seriously obsessed with this pink tub!

One item on my to-do list that I’ve been putting off for no particular reason is caulking the tile. Tiling can be hard (or at least time consuming.) Caulking is easy. I know this, but for some reason I hate it. I probably make it more difficult on myself by expecting it to be super perfect and not at all messy, but I got over it and got to work over Christmas break. Surprise, surprise, it took less than an hour, so there’s really no excuse to put it off as long as I did.

Tile in Progress - Corners

Tile in Progress - Niche

I usually tape off my caulk lines with painters tape because I think it makes it easier to get a straight line, but it’s definitely not a requirement. Just make sure you’re matching your caulk color to your grout or it’s going to look a little off (I’m using Maipei Warm Grey caulk which matches our grout.) If there’s one near you, I’d recommend buying your tile supplies at Floor & Decor. For some reason the color matched caulk is like $15 at the big box stores, but it’s around $6 at F&D. I finished this project with less than 1 tube. Use caulk wherever your tile changes direction or ends (corners, where it meets the tub, etc.) since it will stop water from getting behind your tile and ruining all your hard work.

Here’s the final product:

Tile - After

Tile - After - Tub Detail

That’s it for this week! Here’s hoping that checking another item off my to-do list will help to get this project moving again.

Bathroom to-do list:
demo everything
strip bathtub
relocate doorway

tile shower
tile floor
skimcoat walls

install vanity / medicine cabinet
install toilet
install shower fixtures
replace light fixture
install pocket door
install beadboard + trim
trim out wall niche
paint walls + trim
install shelves + hooks

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  1. What color vanity and floor did you do?
    I’m trying decide whether to keep my similar pink tub.
    I want to do med gray bar board look tile on the floor.
    And white breadboard on the walls up 4 ft.
    Thinking of dark gray vanity,, but maybe I ought to do white

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