New Year, New Overly-Ambitious To-Do List

I’m back! Several months of craziness at work are finally coming to an end, so with more free time I’m back to working on house projects. Not really being one for new year’s resolutions, I decided to set some short-term goals to help wrap up projects around the house.

Master Bathroom

At this point I’ve been working on the tiny master bathroom on and off for two years, so it’s time to wrap it up. All of the big stuff is done and I’ve started working on a punch-list of all of the remaining small items I’d like to wrap everything up before the end of January. We’ll see how that goes. Here’s what’s left to do:

To-do list:
demo everything
strip bathtub
relocate doorway

tile shower
tile floor
skimcoat walls

install vanity / medicine cabinet
install toilet
install shower fixtures
replace light fixture
install new door
install beadboard 
+ trim
build wall niche

spackle + caulk ceiling
trim out wall niche
paint walls + trim
install shelves + hooks

I installed the ceiling/trim over the weekend, so it’s almost all finishing work now.

Once the master bathroom is done, here are the other projects I’d like to DIY this year:

Hallway Flooring

We need to wall off the 4th bedroom, and that has stood in the way of me finishing installing the hallway flooring. We’re getting bids on having the framing/drywall done, but if that’s not done by the time I finish the master bathroom the plan is to install half of the flooring and to use a transition piece to cap it off until the wall is up.

Finish Baseboards

New baseboards were installed last summer everywhere that the floor has been updated. All they need is quarter round and to be patched/caulked and get the final coat of paint.

Door/Window Trim

I haven’t been updating the blog lately, but I have still done quite a few projects around the house. The biggest project was installing new shaker doors. All of the areas with new flooring also have new doors now. To make things extra fun, our walls are a non-standard depth, so I need to extend the doorjambs before I install the trim. I don’t think that’s going to be particularly difficult, but it’s one more thing to do.

Who else has an updated DIY list for the new year?

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