Project Update: Exterior Paint!

You guys! No more bandaid paint!!

Here’s a little reminder of where we started:

Original Exterior
Hi, Frank!


The husband and I took advantage of the nice weather on Monday and started painting the exterior of our house! We got most of the prep work done on Saturday, so we were able to devote the entire day Monday to painting (it rained all day Sunday, boo.)

As it turns out, our paint color decision was made slightly easier by our neighbors painting their house across the street dark gray while we were at the shore for a few days. You guys were right, dark paint looks great on a plain jane ranch, but they beat us to it. They also hired someone to paint their house, so I’m glad I missed seeing someone accomplish the task in 1-2 days when it will clearly take the Miltons quiet a bit longer to DIY the job.

Leading up to the long weekend we had to finalize our paint color selection. After several weeks of obsessing over too many shades of light gray, we settled on Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray (slightly less-light gray). We talked to the guys at our local paint store and decided to use Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Low Lustre Exterior paint. Our aluminum siding was in pretty good shape (not chalky when you rub your hand on it) so priming wasn’t necessary. If you’ve got any chalkiness you’re going to want to prime the siding before you paint.

Here’s our final plan for the exterior:

Exterior Plan: Updating and painting aluminum siding on a 1960s ranch home

Exterior Color Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray/ Door Color Benjamin Moore Old Navy / Trim Color Benjamin Moore Simply White / Light / LED Edison BulbsMailbox / House Numbers / Doormat

Since it’s so late in the season we probably wont get around to doing any planting or mulch until next spring, but that’s going to add a lot to the exterior. I’d also like to add some cedar window boxes, but someone isn’t convinced.

The last big job left to do on the prep work Saturday afternoon was to pressure wash the rest of the house. Somehow I was the one nominated to climb the ladder to wash the second level, but it was totally worth it.

Pressure washing aluminum siding

LOOK AT IT! The house looked so much better when it was less filthy!

patching cedar siding to prep for paint

We patched and sanded… and sanded… and sanded… the cedar siding along the front of the house to help combat the awful paint job that the previous owners put on the house, and then we were left with a house that looked MUCH worse than it did before we started, but it was all ready for paint.

patching cedar siding to prep for paint. pressure washing aluminum siding to prep for paint

Side note: there’s actually an entire side of the house that we didn’t prep because we found a GIANT YELLOW JACKET NEST, so we’re going to have to go back and prep that siding once they’re taken care of.

I have no problem admitting that I basically hate painting. Paint is awesome and is an inexpensive way to make a big impact, but it sucks. Rolling/brushing pain on an entire house was not an option. Having used a paint sprayer to paint our last house (aka being sort of helpful while my brother did most of the work) I knew we had to get a paint sprayer for this job.

Wagener Flexio 990 Paint Sprayer

The last paint sprayer I used was more of a professional model, but I thought it was kind of a pain to put together and clean at the end of the job (it made me cry), so after reading some reviews and this post on Yellow Brick Home, we decided to give the Wagner Flexio 990 a try. We have one of their smaller paint sprayers, and it’s super easy to use/clean, so after reading similar reviews about this model it sounded like a perfect match.

Exterior Plan: Updating and painting aluminum siding on a 1960s ranch home

Overall the paint sprayer was pretty easy to use. There was a tiny bit of yelling when it kept clogging, but once I figured out to wipe it with a damp rag when I stopped for a minute to move the ladder it went pretty smoothly.

Exterior Plan: Updating and painting aluminum siding on a 1960s ranch home

The paint finish turned out very smooth (much better than a brush or roller would have) so it was totally worth a little momentary rage.

Exterior Plan: Updating and painting aluminum siding on a 1960s ranch home
Totally overjoyed.

Exterior Plan: Updating and painting aluminum siding on a 1960s ranch home

We got a little less than half of the house done in one day, so we’re hoping to wrap everything up in the next couple of weekends. I’m really happy with how things are looking so far! Pretty sure we’ll end up painting the section of the house under the siding white, but that shouldn’t be too difficult with my handy dandy paint sprayer.

Exterior Plan: Updating and painting aluminum siding on a 1960s ranch home

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