2017. Wow. WTF? There have been a few weeks of radio silence on the blog, but I’m back.  We had a lot of projects lined up for January/February (and the rest of the year), but then my dog Hank died, the country seemed to implode… and things came to a grinding halt.

Hank didn’t contribute to any DIY projects (unless leaning on wet paint counts), but he did insist on taking a nap in the middle of whatever it was that I was doing, and there’s just something nice about being the center of a big fat dog’s universe. Every now and then a wave of I-miss-Hank-sadness hits me, but I just try to extra spoil Frank when that happens.

I haven’t figured out how to get house projects done when I’m 100% lacking in motivation/inspiration, so for the most part everything has been on hold DIY-wise, but now I’m ready to restart and get going on this renovation which will hopefully mean more blog updates as well. Yay projects!

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