Burbank Fireplace Un-Updated – Rebuilding a 1938 Fireplace Mantel

Rebuilding a 1938 Fireplace Mantel

People do weird stuff to old houses. For almost 75 years our Burbank house had remained largely untouched… except for the fireplace. The fireplace mantel was the one and only feature to be completely removed and was replaced with a 1970s super-special-teak-mess. To add insult to injury, someone put the wrong type of wood treatment/sealer on the […]

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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

…or California. You get the idea. Anyone who visited our Burbank house before we moved in would probably have questioned those happy looks on our faces. Three years, and what feels like a DIY-eternity later, there is no more pink paint (or general disgustingness) left at the Burbank house and we’re packing up our bags and […]

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