Winter is Coming

I got lucky last year and didn’t have much of a winter to ease me into life in NEPA. It was cold and all, but I never had to shovel since the temperatures went up pretty quickly whenever we got an inch or two of snow. This year has been a different story all together since we’ve already had about a foot of snow and winter hasn’t even officially arrived yet.

I’m hoping that a few months of being stuck inside means we’ll start to make some progress on the interior of the house. Sadly, the arrival of winter means those silly shutters and the bandaid paint color will be around a bit longer… and don’t even get me started on the garage/funnel driveway situation. The plan is to get started on installing the interior trim while we get bids from contractors on some of the bigger projects we want to get started on. I haven’t lived in a house with baseboards for three long years, and I’m hoping to put an end to that trend!


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